Photo: Greg Dini

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow Trout Preview

I thought I'd put a behind the scenes shot of yesterdays 30 minute session on the river. Check out the edit on Julien Jarrys' camera and my gopro at Willy Vallely Vimeo

A well thought out execution on the first drift thru a hole is crucial. More often then not it is the first drift that ends in a tight line. Coming up on a hole one really needs to sit back and study the water. The only thing constant within a river is change. The flow is irregular. Visualize the drift and the manner in which that trout might be feeding on a given day. Remember, when in doubt set the hook. Especially in the winter when the takes are light. As you can see her my indicator does not even go down instead it lags for just a split second. 

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