Photo: Greg Dini

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back in TCI

Back in the Turks and Caicos Islands for rest of the winter! Snuck out on the flats 15 minutes before sunset and saw four fish in all. The first was nervous in the skinny water. The second shot was at a group of three fish tailing in the sunset. Nothing beats the stalk on a group of tailing fish when a western redish glow refracts and glistens through a silver tail....Nothing! The sight was so beautiful that I had my camera at the ready opting to film the magnificent site instead. 15 yards out I decided to put the camera away and make a cast. Couldn't resist. The chase and feed was beautiful. Three fish shoulder to shoulder fighting at who gets to eat. I had the luxury to get a tying lesson with Eric Peterson yesterday. I threw his infamous spawning shrimp. One of THE most deadly patterns out there. 
Gave the craft a rub a dub today. 

Just in the nick of time!

It must have been the good luck cap! 

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