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Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty and the Beast in One


Perpetually stoked!
The "key ingredients" that saw the job thru...

Bow to the King!

Had an unbelievable day out on the water today. For one reason or another the stars decided to align. We have seen "the beast" for at least two years now and have finally convinced her to feed. She took a fly that I tied up this past fall for Vermont pike that I am now calling "the critter." We had partly sunny conditions with a blowing east wind. I drove way up wind of the honey hole and set a drift that looked good.  Standing on the back poling platform during the drift I spotted her from way out. Once my lucky positioned drift closed in on the honey hole I  picked up my 11 wt with 10 lb tapered bonefish leader(100#+ wire)  and flung my 350 grain out. Letting the fly sink deep I thought she hit bottom. Sometimes the fish just does not realize that its hooked and opts to set up anchor. After about 4 seconds the fish took off taking all my line with it. She jumped multiple times. Seeing her mid air I absolutely lost touch with reality. A fish this big is a once in a lifetime kinda deal. Chances of me catching another this big ever again are slim to say the least. IGFA record fish potential without a doubt. FYI if I was not driving the skiff during this fight and gaining line I WOULD have lost her! 
Tight Lines
p.s. this is the fish I was talking about last week! Click Link

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