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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

Jumped on the vise for a bit tonight. Eric Peterson's infamous spawning shrimp! 

Had a quiet day in the fishing department. Snuck out for a half hour or so before a big storm came through. I cannot emphasize enough the importance on always taking (learning) something from an outing. One might even argue that you can learn more on a day where you are constantly scratching your head wondering…where the heck did all the fish go? Getting inside a fish’s head is quite impossible.  However, if you spend your time immersed in observation and write it down the day of, you will become more and more consistent at producing shots. Yes, because unlike your fishing buddy you will have notes upon notes full of dates, tides, lunar phase etc…. to pull out of the archives. For the past 15 years I have done just this and boy does it help. Without writing ones thoughts and observations down one could never make the complex connections. Especially, on the days with tricky conditions. 
Anyways back to my 30 minutes session on the water. I have heard that guides in the Bahamas find that bonefish are sensitive to barometric pressure changes and act in a spooky manner. From what I have heard places like Christmas Island it is the opposite. Being so close to the Bahamas I have always found the fish to be sensitive however, they still tend to engorge themselves. Today I went out to prove just this. Arriving on the flat I immediately saw a great mud. The flat was very shallow and to see a mud of this magnitude I was very surprised. Either way, with 7 or so tails a hundred yards in, I realized I forgot the wading boots. I’m sure I would have bagged a bone if I waded into the ankle deep water. The water was skinny and I was lazy pure and simple. Here is a quick clip of the adventure.

-Tight lines

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