Photo: Greg Dini

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fish On De Line

Its the reel deal out there right now. Fishing can be catching this time of year. Here are just a few of the fish pulled out this week. 
Adrian Cataldi of has got the blues

Steelhead are just starting to push. Pray for more rain. 

Many local stripers. Saw a 30 lber today rise for a snagged menhaden. 

Color overload

Rainbow trout are sipping eggs 

Silver Surfer 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Lit Fuse

The hits just keep coming in the long island sound. The past week has been epic to say the least. Gator bluefish, solid striper action, and fat albert blitzing left and right.  Fall fishing at its best! Reports of stripers in the 20 lb range have begun to appear on the western sounds’ radar.  Massive bluefish are still on offer as well.  Find the mature menhaden and get a meaty fly down below. Fast strips and injured retrievals should produce. The school might not be boiling. This does not mean that the silver bullet does not lie below. The bluefish are honed in on meat chuckers snagging. Bait and switch method always a reliable option. The false albacore action is out of this world right now. Get out there before the little tunny has pushed out of the western long island sound and into the bight. Last week we must have seen 200 + albies in the western sound in a six hour period. A rare sight so say the least. To consistently catch these albies on the fly we have been rocks paper scissor for who is on driving duty.  Takes a lot to manage a fly line when running and gunning. 
 Albie desert 

One of the many hooked! 

I was spooled by something while fishing these blitzs. Massive albie or bluefin tuna? I'd have to say albie

Football season is here!


The silver bullet

Another albie pattern

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2 False Albacore Western Sound

The Western Long Island Sounds funnel is in effect. With the days east wind and the recent front, albies should have made their way a mile or so west. Looking foward to seeing if these speedsters repeat last years schedule.  Thursday and Friday look best.