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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9,2011

We sat on this point where a shallow mud flat feeds into the channel. It was a beautiful sight watching striped bass launch at peanuts in less then a foot of water. Sitting on this point the fish had no choice but to pass through. We had quadruple headers on the fly! Not bad for finding the casting room for all four of us on a 21' sea craft.

Fishing for stripers and blues should continue to be very good on the low tide for the rest of the week in the afternoon/evening. If birds are skimming then wait until tide drops. The fish are their however might now want to start swimming until some water moves east.
The Full moon is upon us and now is the time of year to give your favorite trout holes a careful look at night. Water temperatures in Southern New York and connecticut have finally dropped. Big black bunnys and mouse patterns are the way to go. Pray for rain! The smaller rivers need it.  Remember to keep your head lamp from shinning on the river. I know I will be scouting the East Branch in Brewster for lake fish within the next two nights. Good luck out there and tight lines! 

Orvis Yonkers new store manager David Tremsky hooking into his first striper and bluefish on the fly!

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