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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

naugatuck river salmon

For those of you looking to score with the salmon in the Naugatuck River. Here is a simple and straight foward fly to tie. I call it the Yosemeti Sam, its a good one. Swing this fly in 3-4 feet of water and throw on the sink tip for the deeper holes. As far as the actions goes...a very slight tick tick is the trick. Whats nice about this fly is the eyes. Unlike most salmon/steelhead flies the Sam can fish semi deep pools without using a sink tip. The EP body ensures that the eyes will not give the fly a jigging motion, instead it will deliver a balanced motion. Split shot or an extra weighted fly is not allowed on the Naugatuck. I cannot begin to count how many people I saw fishing the Naug on monday without enough wait.  If you are not losing flies then you are not fishing them hard enough! tight lines and see you out there

pink kiptail for the gills.
EP white/or pink fibers for the body.
Silver and purple flashabou (more silver then purple)
Tapered loop up eye size 1
red crystal dumbbell eyes in size large or medium
EP anadromous red brush

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