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Monday, November 14, 2011

november 14,2011 FIshing Report

The fishing continues to be red hot. Got out on the Naugatuck River today in hopes of feeding some salmon. The Naugatuck is a great bet this time of the year and the flows are currently perfect. Focus your energy in the Beacon falls(Pines Bridge Road until Naugatuck state forest) area for the upper section of the river will not be stocked due to current work being done to repair the damages seen by Irene and Lee. Make sure you put in some time by the "Pines Bridge" hole and "Breen field" riffle. The fish usually hold in the hole they were first introduced to for quite some time. With no rain as of late these fish have not spread much. Unlike years back, those helping the stocking program are confined to releasing the fish within easy access areas (they cannot utilize the RR track that runs parallel to the river in this section b/c of the law.)
Remember to put in a lot of time in every hole. Work a hole inch by inch and right off the rivers' floor.  If a salmon does not want to feed do not worry. Working the hole thoroughly a salmon might attack out of defense or irritation. How would you like it if a big lamprey was being swung straight into your face? With any sunlight red and orange could be good. Less light means darker flies so think purple and black. Holes that are seeing a lot of foot traffic should be fished with nymphs like a golden stone. Sink tips in most sections are necessary. A big river goes hand in hand with a solid rod. Leave the trout rod at home unless you want to break it on a 25 lb salmon.
On the trout side of things we sight fished into a beautiful wild bow caught on the swing with a pink/silver intruder. Shortly after we found a big brookie rolling on the surface like a shark sniffing out a blood trail. It appeared that the fish was conditioned on pre-emerge midges. Owen was lucky enough to hook the beast on a caddis (indicator) with an olive larva midge nymph dropper combo.
Lets prey for rain in the next few days to stimulate some sea run browns into our various CT rivers.
Good luck out their and tight lines

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