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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salt Water Fishing Report: October 27, 2011
ENE Wind 13.6 kts +
The devils wind is upon us (any East) A steady east wind does its best to screw up the fish habits in the sound. It usually brings a heavy flood followed by a slow ebb.  An east wind means moving day for this time of the year. Fish will take advantage of the strong incoming current and take a lift west to help conserve energy for their migration. The wind should only strengthen the fishing for the days to come. With a warm fall the fishing for this time of the year is still on fire! Conditions for tomorrow look cold 50 deg. but good. NW wind. My advice is to focus on the connecticut coast. Long Island is good right now but in general connecticut has been producing more. With tomorrows wind conditions CT is the place to be! Do not forget to bring out the binos! Albies and bones are here. Incoming high tide out outgoing high is when they are up the most.
tight lines

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