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Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011 Fishing Report Long Island Sound

Snow snow snow! Who would of thought that a weekend blizzard would hit us this early in the season. With the cold front coming through the fishing has been pushed to the depths.  The striped bass and bluefish are still around in great numbers however they are deep. The good news is that the weather will rise as the week progresses. Fishing mid day into evening is the time to go. I suggest all heavy sinking line (400 grainish) and if you have sonar in your boat...use it! If you do not have the luxury then change your spot often. Fish are either their or they are not, however when you hook up chances are your next cast will be another. This time of the year the fish are in large migratory schools. That being said large bass will travel in smaller groups. If your targeting large stripers then one might want to disregard my incite up above (instead be patient with your chosen spot.) Big fish should be sitting off the rocks in Rye.  On another note if the wind is calm bring the binos for spotting peanut bunker pushes on the surface(chances are the push will be noticeable for those with the trained eye.) Some big peanut schools are here.  The black fishing is still good and could be a interesting on the fly. Right off the rocks and remember some heavier tippet for these fish are experts at losing themselves in the rocks. Keep in mind that the various green and red cans outside of the big harbors will hold fish in and around the current.
Tight Lines and get out there before its too late!

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