Photo: Greg Dini

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Massive Lake Run Browns

Had an epic day on the river today. Sight fished into a male brown that was in the 27 inch range. Sneaking up on this fish I thought it was a sucker or carp.  The fish was just massive. The plan of attack was a high stick from a 5 foot cliff. There were 4 other beautiful hens sitting along side the beast. With the sun being at my back and a few spotty clouds going by the timing was crucial to sneak up and high stick these fish. The cloud intervals were in the 30-60 sec. range. Without their cover I would have spooked the lie in no time. Jumping back and forth between sun and cloud I spent around 2 hours sifting through my fly box. Long story short I hooked the bruisers little sister. Still a beautiful fish that put up a heck of a fight through a never ending log jam maze. The hook set and jump off the cliff was exhilarating. 

My spooky shadow 

Picture taken where she was netted. Hooked her off cliff across river! 
Some more fishy water

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