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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11 Tips and Tricks

Midge hatch 
Blue Headed Brown 
 Still preying for rain. On the upside, the sight fishing has been on fire with the low flows. There are some big fish out there right now. This afternoon I was hung up on one in the 20 inch range for a few minutes until my micro midge pattern became unbuttoned.  Managed to hook and land a mini football. 
  Since some of the rivers have just turned off I thought I'd profess a few productive thoughts on the days fishing. 
1.) When you can...go out of your way and utilize a high bank to scan a lie. Even if you cannot see the fish you can take note of the multiple micro currents within the layered depth and flow.  
2.) If there is cell service and you have a smart phone...Check the rivers' flow periodically through out the day. Pull up the USGS flow monitor and click refresh. You will begin to learn a lot on how the fish react to certain flows and conditions.  
3.)It is important to recognize a clean drift and be cognizant on how your fly or flies hit the water in relation to your fly line or indicator. If your fly is remotely up river or to the side of the fly line (when nymphing) then your drift will more often then not be doomed from the start.
4.) Wear colors that have the appearance of the background being fished. Especially with this low water. 
5.) Hook set on anything and everything...the takes have been light! 
6.) Put pressure on a fish through the upper portion and tip of the fly rod. Unlike saltwater you do not want to emphasize the weight on the butt section. Do Not Point Rod! The current will pop the fly out in a blink of an eye. Especially with tiny flies.  
7.) Do not ignore the midge hatch. There are various insects flying within the spring air. However, the midge hatches have been productive. Yes winter is over but big fish will eat small flies. 
Sucker spawning bed: Look closer...


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