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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Western Sound : Albies are here!

The sound has just begun to blow up with predators. The bait has been here long enough and finally the water temps are calling in the fish of the east. Tomorrow's north wind forecast should be prime for false albacore. Hour before high tide is the ticket. With last weeks storm the peanuts have arrived. A magical sight to see with the decline in mature menhaden stock. Last fall these beauties never came. These fish I feel are the most important baitfish for the striper migration. For the albies it is the vast amounts of spearing that has been sitting offshore. As to where to look for fat albert I cannot say. These bullets that sneak through the sound every year have a very specific line of travel following various contours. With the schools being from 10-25 fish I cannot help but keep this clockwork route to my self. If your lucky enough to stumble upon fat albert be sure to kill the switch asap! Albies have no swim bladder. It is for this reason one should tread lightly around the tunny. Stalk them from a far and find their rythm. Remember these bullets are swimming in 100 to 500 yard circles.  Try and get ahead of where the eye of the tornado might lie. Waiting in silence only to have your hull being slapped by a school is an accomplishment of its own. 
"The Albert" Two hooks with stinger. 

Stripers are moving in full force

And getting bigger by the day 

Eat me

Some footage from this past year! 

Do not forget about the tailing golden bones on offer! 

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