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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bonefish Feeding on Mangrove Leaves!?

  With the previous new moon, we have been seeing crabs spawn during the evening tail. The crabs are putting up the dukes against anything that moves. Walking back to the boat has been a battle against the hundreds of pincers out there. The bonefish have also been reacting by splashing the skinny water and feeding on the smaller brutes. Would not be surprised if they are also being spooked by the mature and territorial crabs.
A healthy mangrove Leaf
  On a different and far more interesting note the bones have been feeding on drifting mangrove leaves! Well not exactly. Two days back I saw a bonefish act like a tarpon and perform a head out of the water eat. I have been seeing this occur for the past week and a half consistently. After we fed the fish and boated the beauty I waded out to collect the specific brown, dead, and decrepit mangrove leaf. The leaf was boating two 1/4 inch baby crabs that were apparently hitching a ride. Seeing the bonefish feed in this manner is exciting to say the least. I have seen this going on for some time now however, have not been able to put any fact to this observation. Long story short I think I will be putting a leaf/crab dry fly combo  together in the very near future.
Serious Camouflage! 

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